Meet the Team

Behind every event there is a GREAT story!

The team has expert knowledge of Greece, the mountains, islands, coast lines, cities, villages, archaeological sites, resorts, venues and areas of outstanding natural beauty.


Managing Director

ANGELA KIPLING mail linked in

Managing Director

An innovator in Greek tourism for three decades, Angela has a wealth of experience in events from 10 to 4000 participants. She created Kipling Events to provide high levels of service and outstanding organisational standards with exceptional local knowledge. A British citizen, she is fluent in the Greek language, customs and mentality. Her intimate understanding of local business customs, acumen, attitude and idiosyncrasies, as well as the economic context, facilitates the seamless interface between overseas patrons and local suppliers. Angela is hard working, reliable and dedicated to making your Event a success.


Managing Partner


Managing Partner

Irish/Australian Dennis is a true citizen of the world. An avid traveller and previously a Civil Engineer! Dennis is often to be seen on sales trips and trade show stands representing our Company, as well as being hands on, on site, overseeing Events as they bloom from request to flawless delivery. Dennis' management skills, responsible attitude, common sense approach and sense of humour have made him a warm favourite amongst our clients.


Senior Event Manager

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Senior Event Manager

Mary is an articulate, confident event manager with meticulous attention to detail. A focused professional with 22+ years combined experience in the airline, travel, tourism and destination management and conference industry. She has a wealth of experience providing leadership, motivation, direction and support to event teams as well as planning and delivering high profile events from conception to completion. Above all she still loves the buzz of providing outstanding service to clients and watching events come to life. Outside of work Mary is a busy mum to 2 children, 20 and 15 but she still manages to find time to enjoy her passion for exciting and challenging water sports; whitewater rafting and windsurfing.


Senior Event Manager

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Senior Event Manager

Born and raised in Canada, Maria has over 15 years of wide ranging experience in professional congress organizing and Event management. She is particularly drawn to demanding and challenging projects and handles all of her Events with a great sense of responsibility and creativity, Maria draws inspiration from her favorite quote, “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.” Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the American College of Greece and has studied Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Missouri.


Eleana Anastasopoulou
Project Manager

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Project Manager

With a background in hospitality for over 13 years, mainly working in 5* star hotels around the world, Eleana sees Event Planning as an exhilarating and thrilling opportunity to work whilst having the best time possible. A Masters Graduate of the Sorbonne University in Paris, and a great travelling enthusiast, she has lived and travelled in four different continents, with more to come. Thanks to her exotic tricultural background, she has the sense of Greek Hospitality, Ethiopian Rhythm, and French Organisational skills. Her bubbly personality and ease of communication are enhanced thanks to the four languages she speaks fluently. Eleana is a hardworking, motivated, creative, problem solving addition to a customer’s onsite team, as well as a diligent pre event planning partner with a sense of style and fun.


Iosifina Vasilopoulou
Assistant Project Manager

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Assistant Project Manager

Iosifina is the youngest member of Kipling Events team. Raised in Greece, the European Erasmus Programme gave her exposure to an international background, as she enjoyed studying in Madrid Spain, as part of her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Athens University of Economics and Business . As a national Synchronised Swimming champion, she knows what teamwork and dedication mean, as well as all important scheduling, attention to detail, and thorough pre event planning. Iosifina very quickly became a valuable member of the team and embraced our philosophy. Fluent in Greek, English and Spanish, Iosifina’s intrepid passion for travel has seen her clock up airmiles and road miles during her free time, as well as partaking in the country’s favourite pastime – Going out!


Project Manager

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Project Manager

Sergey's combination of a Russian mindset and a Greek heart make this Russian Greek gentleman an efficient and hardworking event manager. Even though he has spent his life in Greece, his Russian origin can be clearly heard in his accent… he is fluent in Russian, Greek and English! Straight forward approach, can-do attitude, sense of humor and attention to detail are words that describe Sergey… he has proved his mettle and loyalty during the years with us. Practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has made Sergey's body almost as flexible and agile as his quick mind, which is trained to assess challenges and revert with sharp, sensible solutions, in seconds.


Associate Compliance,
Training & Communications

YVETTE BLACKBURN mail linked in

Associate Compliance, Training & Communications

Yvette is a pragmatic and objective compliance and audit professional with qualifications and a strong background in training and development. Having worked for tour operations, general insurance and educational providers she has a broad range of experience in Operational Risk, Internal Control and People Development which she is able to utilise to the benefit the business. Yvette is a UK citizen, lover of all things Greek and claims Greece as her spiritual home.


Welcome Services Executive [Crete]


Welcome Services Executive [Crete]

Julie is the Welcome Services Executive for the branch office location in Crete. She has been working with Greek tourism since 1988 and has extensive knowledge of the island of Crete and its many gems. No event or visit to Crete is complete without partaking in Julie's experience. She is a master at providing the right excursion or tour for the right person, to make their Cretan experience memorable.


Freelance Team Coordinator


Freelance Team Coordinator

Kipling Events has a fantastic team of freelance staff on guaranteed work contracts throughout the year. Most of them have been with us from the inception of the company and all of them are absolutely professional and very experienced in every client-facing facet of your event. Verity is the energetic and hard-working coordinator of this team. Her wealth of experience includes providing corporate hospitality at two FIFA football world cup tours, and no fewer than six Olympic Games: Athens, Beijing, London, Brazil, Sochi and Vancouver. Her training as a registered nurse and the many events she has worked on, have prepared her to anticipate every little detail and make our clients look great!


Accounting Supervisor


Accounting Supervisor

Vangelis is responsible for all business accounting tasks here in the office. Vangelis has been with us since the inception of our Company. Kipling Events' reputation for financial integrity and stringent budgetary control are attributable to our Cretan fiscal captain. When he is not at our numeric helm, Vangelis has his hands full with three very young daughters.


Project Manager

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Project Manager

Lara joined Kipling in 2015, after graduating from Exeter University and gaining her degree in International Relations and Spanish. She has quickly become an integral member of the team with her sharp mind, attention for details and great can-do approach. On-top of that she is fluent in Greek, English, French and Spanish and possess a natural flair for communicating and interacting with clients. When asked what she most enjoys about her job Lara said “The hands-on social contact, hitting the ground running and being part of a great team”. Lara has recently returned to the office after taking a sabbatical to volunteer in Southeast Asia and climb to base camp on Mount Everest.