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Behind every event there is a GREAT story!

Our Mission

We believe in delivering unrivaled service to all our clients. Since 2002 we have become sleek at designing and delivering creative and flawless Events. We know that behind every Event there is a purpose and a desired result.

From concept to reality we are committed to understanding your wishes and dedicated to working with you to design and deliver Events that support your vision and communicate your message.

The Kipling Events team delivers seamless, flawless Events!

Our Creativity

We promise to provide a professional service with a single point of contact. Come up with innovative Event ideas and formats that encourage collaboration and conversation between you and your audience. Design and plan Events with a focus on helping you drive engagement and participation.

Deliver value for money and provide budget management including advice on where to spend money and not. Be professional as well as being easy and fun to work with!

Our Local Vendors

Agents have always been an important part of our success. We understand the important role agents play in the booking process. We are very aware of the challenges you face. We develop our products, processes and communication methods to ensure that agents have a great experience when recommending our services to their clients. We enjoy a great working relationship with agents large and small.