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What shape would the cake for the 40th anniversary of the Athens Authentic Marathon come in? Oh, we know, a Kallimarmaro-shaped one! The race that started them all turns 40 this year. Retrace the steps of hemerodromos Pheidippides (high speed messengers in ancient Greece) who , in 490 BCE,  ran non-stop from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of the Greek win against the Persians, before breathing his last breath. Instead of that dramatic exodus, you get to eat cake at the finish line! No, you don’t, we’re just kidding. You do, however, get to be part of a milestone moment in the history of this race, and join the day’s celebrations.

If you’re not a runner, you can head to the Panathenaic Stadium (pro tip, bring a seating pillow) and cheer for the athletes crossing the finishing line. Another excellent spot to hurray and huzzah is near Costas Varotsos’ The Runner, the towering glass sculpture near Evangelismos metro station.